We want to know you. What moves you? What matters to you? What do you do, how do you do it, and why? We’re not going to lie, you might get sick of the questions. Comprehensive knowledge is vital when getting to the heart of the story. 



Without a doubt, this is the heart behind Napkin. This is the distillation lab. A wealth of info goes in…only the best comes out. This is the magic, the special sauce, the money-maker, whatever you want to call it. 



Good design propels stories. The design phase is a careful dance between function and art. In the design phase, we establish the tone, mood, and feel of the story…all established to create engagement around your brand or big idea.



The gears start spinning. Content comes alive. As windows for attention shrink, every second matters. We make each one count.



Congratulations! You have communicated your story simply and succinctly. You understand that whoever tells the best story, wins.